Enabling humanity to thrive as a multiplanet species.

TECHNE’ Architects, LLC has provided architecture, space architecture & space engineering services since 1995.


TECHNE’ Architects, under the leadership of Kriss J. Kennedy, has provided aerospace systems project leadership, project management, strategic planning, space architecture, aerospace systems engineering & integration, and exploration habitat expertise for future human exploration missions design, development, testing, and evaluations to help propel space exploration.               

Worldclass Leading
Space Architect

Mr. Kennedy’s experience and skills are as an Architect, Space Architect, Aerospace Engineer, Project Manager, Tiger Team(s) Leader, Team Leader, Technology Development & Testing Lead, and a Rapid Prototyping Engineer; with experience covering the research, engineering, and technology fields. With exstensive expert knowledge and publishing in the technical research fields of space architecture, deployable and inflatable structures, exploration habitats, habitation systems, Lunar and Mars base design, Space Mission Planning, space technology roadmaps, crew systems, crew health & performance, and strategic planning and integration.

Mr. Kennedy practiced as a Space Architect for 30 years at NASA-Johnson Space Center. TECHNE’ Architects, LLC is dedicated to the definition, development, and testing of exploration habitation systems and planetary surface base definition for the human exploration of Space, the Moon, and Mars to enable humanity to become a multi-planet species.

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Our Area of Expertise

Whether its building a new home here on Earth, or planning a new colony beyond it, TECHNE’ Architects is the perfect and necessary blend of architecture and engineering you need in order to bring your concepts to life; no matter what the environmental challenges.


Human shelters are rooted in habitat design on our home planet. From our origins in caves, sticks, skins and mud to the now steel, glass, concrete and wood of modern dwellings; we have always sought to shape the environment around us to our needs. With the knowledge and understanding only brought to you by a seasoned and educated architect, you have the power to create the home you always wanted.

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Human habitation has now extended beyond Earth. Adapting to the extreme environments beyond our planet requires precision planning, engineering, resourcefulness, and creativity. TECHNE’ Architects is a specialist in this unique field and arming yourself with the firms knowledge of experts will enable you to join the growing cohort of the next generation of explorers and pioneers.

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Engineering systems, operations, and roadmaps is a foundational pillar in the story of human space exploration. Solving seemingly impossible problems, creating unimaginable machines, and overcoming overwhelming odds is considered everyday work here at TECHNE’ Architects. With decades of experience, this firm is uniquely able to empower your systems to meet the challenges of space.

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Professional Achievements

With a diverse and extensive porfolio, Mr. Kennedy has applied his creative talents to solve problems in multilpe sectors. Click a counter to learn more.