Space Projects

NATIONAL AERONAUTICS and SPACE ADMINISTRATION: Retired. JSC is the lead center for human exploration of space. Future missions involving humans require master planning and uniquely specialized habitats. Worked on over 40 spacecraft design projects over the past 30 years at NASA. Taken over + 90 training courses in 30 years at NASA; mostly in project leadership, project management, and human/systems engineering & integration.

1. Lunar Lava Tube Tower Facility, Architect
2. Habitation Standards Working Group, Health & Medical Technical Authority
3. Deep Space Gateway Habitat Internal Architecture Study/Project, Project Manager
4. Deep Space Gateway Habitat System-Future Capabilities Study, HH&P/HRP Lead & POC
5. Commercial Crew Program, CCP Space-X and Boeing Health & Medical Partner Integration
6. Commercial Crew Program, Sierra Nevada Corp. Health & Medical Partner Integration Lead
7. Space Technology Roadmap TA07 Human Exploration Destination Systems: Exploration Habitat Systems SME
8. Partnerships and Collaboration Strategic Integration: Human Health & Performance Lead
9. Advanced Exploration Systems, Deep Space Habitat Project, Deputy Project Manager
10. TA07 Human Exploration Destination Systems Technology Roadmap, TA07 Chair/Lead
11. Habitat Demonstration Unit Project, Project Manager
12. Lander-Lunar Surface Systems Integration, Lead
13. Constellation Architecture Team, Habitation Element Design, Co-Lead
14. Lunar Architecture Team-2 Habitation Element Design, Co-Lead
15. Manager: Advanced Integration Matrix Project / EC1
16. Manager: Advanced Integration Facility (Integrated Testing capability formerly known as Bio-Plex in B29)
17. Lead: JSC Multi-Center Lunar Lander Study: Phase 1 & 2
18. Manager: Architecture, Habitation & Integration project / EC3
19. Lead: Multi-Center SE&I team for HSRT, Lead HSRT SEMP
20. Lead: OSP Spacecraft Vehicle Engineering Power & Fluid Systems / VA
21. Lead: OSP Spacecraft Vehicle Engineering Systems Integration Office / VA
22. Acting Manager: OSP Spacecraft Vehicle Engineering Office / EA6
23. Lead: SLI/OSP Spacecraft Technology Development Lead / EA6
24. Project Manager: ISS Habitability Hardware Development Project / EC. Crew Quarters, Waste & Hygiene Compartment, Galley
25. Co-lead: ISS Personal Radiation Protection System for TeSS Crew Quarters
26. Lead/Manager: Habitats & Surface Construction Technology Manager, Human Exploration & Development of Space Technology / Commercialization Initiative: Advanced Habitation Systems Roadmap Definition and Agency Investment Planning. Advanced Exploration Habitation Systems area for the agency and JSC
27. Project Formulation & Systems Engineering & Integration Lead: ISS Temporary Early Sleep Station (TeSS) Project
28. Co-Lead w/ Bill Schneider: Tiger Team & rapid prototype development of the ISS Deployable Crew Quarters Project. Led the development of the Node 2 Deployable Crew Quarters prototype development, which lead to the Temporary Early Sleep Station (TeSS) flight hardware development.
29. Lead Architecture Design and Systems Engineering & Integration, ISS TransHAB Project. ISS TransHab Inflatable Habitat Module, Lead Space Architect, Lead TransHab SE&I team. TransHab U.S. Patent. TransHAB concept Tiger Team due to my extensive design experience with inflatables and habitats. Led the spacecraft architecture and SE&I efforts during the rapid prototyping technology demonstration and testing phase.
30. Lead: the first ever JSC sponsored workshop on Space Inflatables that brought together experts from space, military and academia in the field of inflatable structures.
31. Lead: RLV/X-33 Passenger Module design team NASA Lead with Rockwell. Reusable Launch Vehicle: Crew Module
32. Lead: benchmarking activities with General Mills and Coke-Cola for employee empowerment and design process improvement as part of the Work Process Improvement Team. This lead to a standard design process for designing spacecraft within the Systems Engineering Division, Systems Definition Branch.
33. Study Lead: Surface Base Design and Development for Mars Exploration
34. Study Lead: Habitat Design and Development for Mars Exploration
35. Study Lead: Mars In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) Sample Return Mission Study and Spacecraft Design.
     a. Led spacecraft design for the Mars ISRU Sample Return (MISR) project. The design was utilized in numerous HQ briefing, strategic planning, lead to the 2005 sample return mission baseline, and has been on the cover of numerous magazines.
36. Study Lead: Mars Sample Return In-Situ Resource Utilization Propellant Plant Design
37. Exploration Habitat Subject Matter Expert: Minimum Mars Mission Study
38. Exploration Habitat Subject Matter Expert: Mars Habitat Working Group.
     a. Human Exploration Mars Mission Planning. Mars Surface Habitats and Surface Base Design Lead
39. Exploration Habitat Subject Matter Expert: Human Lunar Return.
     a. Led the Human Lunar Return Lander and Habitat. Worked closely with Administrator Goldin.
40. Space Exploration Initiative: Mission Planning & 90-Day Study.
a. Lunar Surface Habitats & Surface Base Design Lead
41. Exploration Habitat Subject Matter Expert: First Lunar Outpost Study: Alternative Habitat Study
     a. First Lunar Outpost: Lunar Habitat Design Study Team Lead
42. Study Lead: Horizontal Cylindrical Inflatable Lunar Habitat Study
43. Study Lead: Lunar and Mars Dust Control Research.
     a. JSC Planetary Airlock Design Study Team. Led Surface Airlock Design.
44. Habitat Subject Matter Expert: Lunar/Mars 90-Day Study
45. Study Lead: Inflatable Lunar Habitat – 16 meter dia. Sphere
46. Study Lead: Space Transportation Node Design
47. Study Lead: Trans-Lunar Crew Module Design
48. Lunar Base Systems Study.
     a. Master Planning & Inflatable Habitat Design Studies Lead
     b. Space Architect – Exploration Habitat Subject Matter Expert