Space Engineering

Space Engineering at its finest.

Armed with the knowledge that only 30 years of experience can buy, Mr. Kennedy has played a key role in the development of space systems. With decades of leadership experience coupled with an ability to engineer individual parts while seeing the whole system; he can bring viability, creativity, and foresight to your project in a unique way. Please contact the firm to learn more about the space engineering design services and solutions he can offer!


Education by Example

As a longtime Assistant Adjunct professor at the University of Houston, educator at various other universities and forums like TEDx, and creator of the xHAB challenge, Mr. Kennedy has always supported the spread of knowledge to the next generation of Engineers, Space Architects, and Designers. Below he has provided these great resources if you are interested in educating yourself on space systems engineering and project management. Click on one of the links below to learn more!

Space Engineering Educational Seminars